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ORVIA s’est spécialisé dans la recherche, la sélection et l’amélioration des espèces palmipèdes : Canard de Barbarie, Canard Pékin, Canard Mulard, Oies blanche et grise. L’ensemble des progressions et l’hérédité obtenues au fil des générations constituent un patrimoine génétique très riche dont nous souhaitons faire bénéficier nos clients.

ORVIA is specialized in research, selection and improvement of the type of duck known as the: Muscovy Duck, Pekin Duck, Mulard Duck, white and grey geese.

All the achievements and the heritage which have been reached over the generations constitute an extremely rich genetic heritage which we wish our clients to benefit from.

France has always been known for the resources it has implemented in terms of genetic selection, especially concerning poultry. Our business started out in 1976 in France near Nantes, with work in artificial incubation to answer the needs of the French and European markets. In the 80s and 90s, especially due to the work in genetic selection undertaken by ORVIA, our positions on this market developed, then were strengthened concerning palmiped species.

In the first decade of this century, ORVIA expanded with a sustained level of growth and was enlarged by the external acquisition of new companies. The grouping together of its companies in 2002 led to the creation of the ORVIA group, which is the specialist in palmiped genetics, renowned in Europe and throughout the world.

This voluntary strategy, which is anchored in the long-term, makes ORVIA a leading group in Europe, a group which is homogeneous, stable and innovative, and which is geared towards serving our clients. Our aim is to keep on maintaining our technological lead and our know-how, always bearing in mind the demands of today’s world where, on the fringes of the economy, sustainable, sensible, ethical and human notions come to the fore

This is what my partners and myself refer to as: OUR VALUES


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