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L’assurance d’optimiser le potentiel génétique

The assurance of optimizing genetic potential

Our clients receive healthy products on the basis of the health level undertaken from the very start of the long manufacturing process.

We have control over the living conditions in which our genetics will be best expressed and this is adapted to the animals’.

This is why we advise our clients to draw up a health plan so that this level of quality is maintained during the animal’s life and also that of their descendants. We also establish several partnerships with the best specialists in various fields, such as nutrition, equipment, methods, technical, economic and IT management.

That’s why ORVIA has its services and pedagogical advice on offer so that our products, whose genetic potential is well-known to us, fully express their capacity to satisfy our clients.

Stringent control

Our job, which is highly specialized, revolves around the heart of the profession, that is to say knowledge and mastering of genetics. Industrial and technical resources associated with research and development are implemented from reproduction right up to the slaughtering of the animals, in order to use them to the best of their potential. From our French laboratory, the animals destined for our clients are all checked in order to meet health requirements. The monitoring and follow-up processes put into place in our Chinese production units meet international requirements and enable us to guarantee a high level of health quality for our products. The managing teams are trained in the specificities of the species and in the respect of the procedures and ISO level traceability.

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