The group

Our vocation is to contribute to the general nutrition for all, by giving birth to reference animals, resulting from the combination of our know-how in genetics selection and multiplication.


Founded in 1976 and positioned at the top of the poultry industry, the Orvia Group’s key strength lies in its know-how. First, in the combination of our expertise in the selection process which includes observing and identifying species with strong development potential. Also, in our multiplication methods by producing the best quality animals that our customers will raise.
These two activities, have constantly evolved over the last 45 years and have shaped our history, our identity and our brand vision.
Our drive for innovation from the onset has led us into investing in another livestock industry: insects (Hermetia Illucens), which was launched in 2018. Indeed, the selection and the reproduction, aviculture and entomology show many similarities in the techniques and methods.

As the first professional player in the poultry and insect sector, our commitment to ensure food security, biosafety and perfect health conditions is paramount.

Orvia’s mission:
the sustainable reproduction of
upscale animals.

We have developed utmost skills in customer support and mastery of a set of parameters related to animal husbandry, such as health, biosecurity, technical support, good nutritional etc… This proficiency has allowed us to build a rigorous screening program for the selection of waterfowls species. Currently, we respond to the market’s expectations with an attractive commercial offer.

To innovate and anticipate tomorrow’s needs by offering added value to our customers: following the same philosophy that characterizing us within the global poultry industry, we have been actively operating and recognized for nearly 5 years via our subsidiary Cycle Farms, on the insect breeding market (black soldier fly or Hermetia Illucens).

Orvia’s breeding know-how, combined with Cycle Farms’ technical expertise, positions the group as a major partner in the supply of insect larvae (black soldier fly or Hermetia Illucens), on the French and international markets.

Benoit GOURMAUD, President of Orvia Group, took over the company in 1998 and has since positioned Orvia on the international scene. Passionate and visionary, he has moved the group to the rank of leader in the field of waterfowl primary breeding, with an expertise renowned in Europe and throughout the world.

Orvia’s high performing selected species, especially waterfowls, has brought the group to an undeniable leadership position within the French and European markets. In facts, in 2021, 75% of Mulard ducks and 60% of Muscovy ducks sold in Europe will be from Orvia strains. The Orvia’s Pekin duck represents 40% of the world volume sold (excluding China). Actually, the group exports to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Since 2018, the group’s headquarters have been based in the heart of Nantes (FR), a strategic location that strengthens our contact with foreign markets and ensures our future remains connected to the challenges of the sector.

Orvia, in a few figures

employees and
partner breeders
of livestock buildings
in the world
350 M
12 %
per annum
of hatcheries

Our strategy

The strategic model established on sustainable development characteristics constitute the group’s DNA: independence, conquest, innovation, and trust.

With 100% family-owned capital, Orvia has developed financial independence which it maintains to provide the group with undeniable stability and freedom in its investment choices.

This financial autonomy makes it possible to generate immense growth internally, with the deployment of its production capacities or the significant investments in research and development, and external growth with the acquisition and/or creation of poultry companies in France and abroad.

Orvia’s spirit of success, characterised by the courage to undertake, innovate and anticipate its future, has enabled it to establish a strong relationship of trust with its customers and to gain international recognition in the poultry market. The group currently exports to more than 40 countries worldwide through its various subsidiaries and representative offices.

Orvia currently has 600 employees and breeding partners. Our employees are spread over 10 entities, including 4 abroad (China, Spain, Hungary and Ghana). Working in the complex world of animal livestock requires all to have an extraordinary level of professionalism and humility. Orvia has built its development on the trustworthy relationship between its teams and employees. The success of the group reflects the commitment of everybody involved for over 45 years.

Common values


Our commitments

Professional equality

Orvia group meets legal obligations in terms of professional gender equality with a score of more than 75 for all its entities as of 1st March 2024.

In detail (score out of 100 points):

  • Couvoir de la Seigneurtière : 100 points;
  • Couvoir Sèvre et Maine : 99 points;
  • Couvoir de la Mésangère : 94 points.

The management division

The constant evolution of our environment, the complexity of the business of animal husbandry makes it mandatory for our supervisors and their team to constantly increase their level of expertise. Consequently, the professionalization of the executive function becomes a strategic leverage for development.

Since 2022, Orvia has created a mentorship program in collaboration with a renowned management training center. The program “the executive course” is dedicated to all the hierarchical and cross-functional managers of the group. The course is tailored to their roles in the company and aims to provide methods that enhance their leadership skills and promote exchanges between various activities of the group.  

It is particularly evident in our ” Leadership Charter “, which formally sets out the commitments made by each manager to their team.

Health at work

Orvia places the utmost importance to the health and safety of its employees in their daily operations. All employees are sensitized to this as soon as they join the company. The growth of the group is reflected in the commitment and professionalism of its employees.

All the departments and employees of the group constantly work to improve the quality of their work life and contribute to the safety of everyone.

The continuous improvement of the work life balance is everyone’s business and the objective is common: to promote and maintain the physical and mental well-being of all employees, in order to create fulfilling working conditions.

The group relies on regular monitoring of health and safety indicators to achieve this objective.

To do this, preventive or corrective measures are carried out on an individual and collective scale. Health and safety professionals regularly intervene in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, or risks related to the work environment, materials used, etc.

Property Security

Prevention is better than cure or regretting the consequences of a failure to take action so Orvia prioritizes preventive actions for all environmental and fire risks. For example, the teams commit to systematically applying the fire permit, to comply with the D14A standard on electrical installations, to correct any highlighted Q18 and Q19 abnormalities within one month of the audit and to comply with a strict ban on smoking outside specially dedicated areas.


Respect for the environment

The hatcheries and farms comply with the general requirements applicable to facilities listed for the protection of the environment. In this context, waste in our hatchery is treated according to the rules set by the environmental laws (such as the ICPE Guidelines – Classified Installations for the Environment), including:

  • The hatcheries process all washing water by biofiltration and sedimentation;
  • All animal manure is spread in a methodical and balanced manner that respects the environment; 
  • Particular attention is paid to water and energy consumption to control the quantity of resources required for production.
  • Waste is sorted according to specific adapted channels (incineration, landfilling, methanization, recycling).


The company is made up of many people.
They are the knowledge holders and the source of our success.
Without them, there is no company.

Benoit GOURMAUD, President of the Orvia Group

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