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Established in 1976 and positioned upstream of the poultry sector, Orvia Group is a world leading specialist in the waterfowl genetic selection and hatching of ducklings and day-old chicks.


Established in 1976 and positioned upstream of the poultry sector, Orvia Group is a world leading specialist in the waterfowl genetic selection and hatching of ducklings and day-old chicks. These two professions in an ever-going evolution for the last 45 years have carved out our history, our identity, and our brand vision.

First professional link within the poultry production sector, our responsibility is of fundamental importance with regard to food safety and food biosecurity, with regard to the protection of the biodiversity and with regard to the upmost sanitary excellence.

Human food :
our commitment

Over the years, we have developed our expertise within the assistance to our clients and within the control of a certain number of parameters related to the health status of the birds; biosecurity in farming and processing, zootechnical assistance and nutrition. This know-how has enabled us to build a rigorous waterfowl selection program. Today, we can propose a commercial offer adapted to the expectations of the markets.

Benoit GOURMAUD, Orvia current Chairman, took over the company in 1998 and since has positioned Orvia on the international scene. Passionate and visionary, Benoit Gourmaud has propelled the group to the rank of world leader within the field of waterfowl selection with an expertise renowned throughout the world.

Since 2018, the group Head quarter is located in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique – France), a strategic location well connected with foreign and overseas markets, an essential international business success factor.

Orvia, in a few figures

employees and partners breeders
implantations in the world
117 M€
of turn-over
of livestock buildings
12 %
growth per annum
of hatcheries

The combination of our strong roots with the emergence of new technologies such as the artificial intelligence, preclude us to loose touch with our origins while foreseeing the future, and this with a sole objective: supply the best to the largest number of duck and poultry operators

Our strategy

In order to sustain its future, Orvia has built up strategic model founded on strong values which make up the DNA of the group, namely its independence, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and confidence.

Being 100% family own group of companies, Orvia has developed and preserved its financial independence to secure an undeniable stability and freedom in its investment choices.

This financial autonomy has enabled the group to generate and sustain its growth, not only internally with the implementation of its production capacities and significant investments in research & development, but also externally with the acquisition and/or creation of poultry companies in France and abroad.

The spirit of conquest of Orvia characterized by the audacity to innovate and to anticipate its future, has assisted the establishment of a strong relationship of confidence with its customers and an international recognition for its excellence in the poultry market.

Today, Orvia group achieves a turn-over of 120 million €uros in some 40 different countries in the world.

Orvia group currently employs 650 people divided into 7 entities out of which 3 are abroad, in China, in Spain and Hungary. Working in the living world of animal productions is a profession of passion and professional commitments. Orvia has built its development on the relationship’s authenticity between its teams of employees, its customers, and suppliers. The success of the group reflects the commitment and the perseverance of all for more than 40 years.

Our commitments

Professional equality

Orvia group meets all legal obligations in terms of professional equality between men and women with a mark the 1st March 2021 over 75 for the whole of its entities:

In details (note out of 100 points):

  • Couvoir de la Seigneurtière: 80 points;
  • Couvoir Sèvre et Maine: 79 points;
  • Couvoir de la Mésangère: 93 points.

Health at work

The growth of Orvia group reflects the engagement, commitment and professionalism of its teams and due consideration give to there, Orvia attaches great importance to the parameters of health and welfare at work.

QHSE (Quality Hygiene Security Environment) department continuously acts to further improve the quality of the professional life of all employees within the group with a special attention given to strengthening the harmonization between the physiological balance and the workload capacity of everyone.

We carry out actions particularly at the individual level through the intervention of health professionals, experts in the prevention of MSD’s (MusculoSkeletal Disorders). We have also set up a structuration of a Health Safety Program at work along the HSE standards (Health Safety and Environment regulation) to ensure that the modes of organization, management and training conciliate the well-being of the employees and the performances of the company.

Property security

As it is much better to prevent the causes of the risks than regret their consequences, Orvia prioritize preventive actions in terms of environmental risks and fire risks. As an example, our teams are committed to systematically apply the DI4A standards on electrical appliances, to correct Q18 and Q19 anomalies within the month following the control and to respect the strict interdiction of smoking outside dedicated zones.


Respect for the environment

Our hatcheries and farms respect the general prescriptions applicable to classified installations for the protection of the environments. In this context, in our hatcheries, wastes are treated according to rules enacted by the section 2112, especially:

  • Hatcheries treat wastewaters by biofiltration and lagooning
  • The whole farm effluents are disposed off by a reasoned spreading plan respectful on the environment
  • Water and energy consumptions are carefully controlled
  • Wastages are sorted according to specific adapted channels of treatment (incineration, burials, recycling)



Our company is composed of a multitude of people who have the knowledge and who are the source of our success.
Without them, there is no company.

Benoit GOURMAUD, Chairman Orvia Group

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