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A brief outline and some key statistics
The core of our business: livestock reproduction, experts in selective breeding and multiplication process. We are breeding the highest quality ducklings and micro-livestock animals that our customers will raise.

The synergy of our knowledge in the selection and procreation has enabled us to offer a unique and long-lasting service to our customers for over 45 years. This distinction has shaped our history, identity, and the vision of our brand:

Sustainably renew and improve animal resources to contribute to nutrition for all.
Countries worldwide
With its international focus, Orvia has been very successful in the French, European, Asian and American markets.
100 M€
This was achieved in 2022 with a 20% contribution from international markets through the group's foreign subsidiaries and representative offices.
Establishment Orvia
Our activity started in 1976 in France near the city of Nantes as a hatchery business to meet the expectations of the French and European markets.
employees and partners breeders
Orvia currently has 600 employees and breeding partners. Employees are spread over 10 locations, including 5 abroad, in China, Spain, Hungary, Viet Nam and Ghana for insect farming.
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Oriented towards the international market
Orvia generates 20% of its sales on the international market through its subsidiaries and its representative offices.
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