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A brief outline and some key statistics
Founded in 1976 and positioned as an upstream supplier to the poultry farming industry, Orvia is a world leader in waterfowl primary breeding and the hatching of ducklings and day-old chicks. These two activities have constantly evolved over the last 45 years and have shaped our history, our identity and our brand vision:

Respect for life - at the heart of sustainable breeding

Since 2018, we have been extending our selection and breeding expertise within another field of the living: the insects (Hermetia Illucens or black soldier fly).
Countries worldwide
With its international focus, Orvia has been very successful in the French, European, Asian and American markets.
117 M€
This was achieved in 2021 with a 20% contribution from international markets through the group's foreign subsidiaries and representative offices.
Establishment Orvia
Our activity started in 1976 in France near the city of Nantes as a hatchery business to meet the expectations of the French and European markets.
employees and partners breeders
Orvia currently has 800 employees and breeding partners. Employees are spread over 8 entities, including 3 located outside France: China, Spain and Hungary.
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Oriented towards the international market
Orvia generates 20% of its sales on the international market through its subsidiaries and its representative offices.
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