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Established in 1976 and positioned upstream of the poultry sector, Orvia group is a world leading specialist in the waterfowl genetic selection and hatching of ducklings and day-old chicks. These two professions in an ever-going evolution for the last 45 years have carved out our history, our identity, and our brand vision:
Respect for life at the heart of a sustainable farming
Countries worldwide
Export-oriented, Orvia is gaining a resounding success in many markets in France, Europe, America and in Asia.
117 M€
of turnover
Has been recorded in 2021, with 20% generated from its sales on the international market through its subsidiaries and representative offices.
Establishment Orvia
1976 is the year of the creation and establishment of the company, near the town of Nantes with a vocation, the profession of hatchery and a mission, answer the expectations of the poultry sector in France and in Europe.
employees and partners breeders
Orvia currently has 800 employees divided between 7 business entities, of which 2 are abroad, one in China and one in Hungary.
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Export-oriented Orvia generates 20% of its sales on the international market through its subsidiaries and its representative offices.
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