Jul. 2023 - Organizational changes within the Group and across its Operations Management


To refocus its business on its core activity, which is the reproduction of livestock, and by combining its expertise in selection and multiplication, Orvia has decided to provide an approach based on flexibility and proximity to its customers. The strategy is to organize its services into divisions to manage the growth of each species: Mule duck, Muscovy duck, Pekin duck, Soldier Fly, and Selection.

In other words, since May 1, 2023, France Canard has been operationally attached to the Seigneurtière Hatchery which specializes in the production of Muscovy and Pekin and gives birth to the same species alongside geese.
As a result, Gaël CLÉMENT is now Chief Operating Officer of these two companies, representing the Group’s Muscovy and Pekin duck division.

The Sèvre Maine and Mésangère Hatcheries focus their production on the Mule duck species.
While still in close collaboration with the group’s management, the current Managing Director of Sèvre Maine Hatchery, Nicolas BONNEAU, is keen to take on new challenges and is embarking on an entrepreneurial path in another sector.
The operational management of the Sèvre Maine Hatchery will be entrusted to Gwenaël BOUTIN as of September 1, 2023. He will therefore take on the role of Chief Operating Officer for both the Mésangère Hatchery and the Sèvre Maine Hatchery. These two divisions make up the group’s Mule duck division.

Orvia has decided to increase the production capacity of Mule duck in the South-West of France at its SEPALM (Landes) and Céran (Gers) sites in order to support this divisional organization and ensure optimum supply to its many customers based in the South-West region.

The structure of the selection and Insect divisions remains unchanged, under the management of Bernard ALLETRU for the selection division through the Gourmaud Selection subsidiary and Marc-Antoine LURASCHI for the Insect division through the Cycle Farms subsidiary.

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