Risk management

Un management des risques

Quality control

One-day animals (ducklings,…) we deliver, are intended to breeding and at least to human consumption. Our main requirement is customer and consumer satisfaction:

  • by compliance with quality standards and benchmark
    – SNA Charter (National Union of Hatcheries),
    – Customer specifications
    – C.O.H.S. (Official control sanitary and hygiene).
  • by strict procedures and a permanent audit of production units (according to the rules defined by ISO 9001:2008).
  • a permanent verification of eggs quality and subjects.
  • close monitoring of pathogens germs absence with systematics controls.
  • for technical and health monitoring of breeders and suppliers.

Ensuring health and safety

The objective is to achieve “zero” accident for the group employees and for external staff. To obtain these results :

  • we anticipate and notify risks associated to safety and health at work, included psychosocial risks.
  • in partnership with MSA, we research and invest in measures to prevent work penibility.
  • we ensure through the HSC and work medicine, safety, health and hygiene and work conditions quality.

Environment respect

The hatchery and farms meet the general requirements applicable to facilities classified for environmental protection. In this context, the hatchery, the waste is treated according to the rules dictated by heading 2112, which means that

  • Hatchery deals with all its wash water bio filtration and lagoons.
  • All breedings manure enters a reasoned and balanced spreading plan, respectful of the environment.
  • Water and energy consumption are being very careful care.
  • The waste is sorted according to appropriate specific sectors (incineration, landfill, recycling …).


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