Environment and animal welfare

L’environnement au cœur de nos préoccupations et de nos réflexions

The environment in the heart our concerns and our reflections

ORVIA committed by responsible acts towards control of waste treatment and experiment of new processes.

Always in agreement with the regulations and worried by its sustainable development, the company is mobilized on this subject and undertakes every year important investments :

  • Water treatment
  • Eco-production : waste treatment
  • Methanisation
  • Composing
  • Reasoned spreading
  • Recyclable waste sorting
  • Energy balance and carbon

Concerning the animal welfare, we improve and optimize all our infrastructures and processes in order to get the best palmipeds breeding conditions :

  • Development and transport conditions
  • Conditioning comfort packaging
  • Air conditioning
  • Breeding conditions treated
  • Density
  • Comfort bedding – Mechanization
  • OAC automatic harvest
  • Rational Production 
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